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Get set to see an amazing harvest moon in Arizona sky

By The original uploader was Roadcrusher at English Wikipedia

Get set for an amazing and best known full moon.

Look to the eastern sky, around 6:30 p.m. Friday, as the sun sets in Arizona. Just a few minutes later, you will experience a most majestic moon rising about 6:44 p.m.

This is the moment you want to get out those cameras and binoculars.

The harvest moon is the moon that is closest to the autumnal equinox. That occurs Sept. 22 at 7:21 a.m.

This full moon will be close to Earth and closest on Sunday at a position that we call perigee.

The closest full moon of 2016 will be the full beaver moon on Nov. 14, when the moon will be a true super moon — only 221,524 miles from Earth.

To learn more about why we call this week’s full moon a harvest moon, please visit here.

Download a copy of the September Sky Map.

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