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As long as you’re happy I’m happy: Arizona in middle of pack of happiest states in America


There’s no definable way to determine someone’s happiness.

But that doesn’t mean people can’t try.

WalletHub tried to do just that and made a list of the happiest states in America based off three key dimensions. Those specifications were “Emotional and Physical Well-Being,” “Work Environment” and “Community and Environment.”

Among those three categories, there were 28 other metrics used to determine a state’s happiness meter, such as indexes and an obesity rate, a suicide rate and what a person’s life expectancy is depending on where they live.

Arizona was put right in the middle of the pack as it was named the 31st happiest state among the 51 locations (the District of Columbia was included in the list).

The same held true for Arizona’s rankings under those three categories, as they were ranked 28th under “Emotional and Physical Well-Being,” ranked 31st on the “Work Environment” list and the state was named 38th on the “Community and Environment” list.

Utah was named the happiest state in America by WalletHub, while West Virginia got the last spot and is the least happy place to live in the country, according to the study.

P.S. If you aren’t living a particularly happy life, this doesn’t mean you should automatically get up and move to Utah.

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