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Clinton campaign: Education plan would give 57K Arizonans free tuition over next 5 years

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PHOENIX — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign claimed Monday that, under her proposed education plan, about 57,000 Arizona students could earn a four-year degree with no tuition costs in the next five years.

In an email sent Monday, Clinton’s campaign said students from 88 percent of Arizona households would not pay tuition at in-state public universities while earning their degree under her New College Compact plan.

Clinton’s plan calls for free tuition for all students who live in households that do not make more than $125,000 annually. The email said about 57,000 would receive free tuition by 2021.

Her campaign said the proposal could save some Arizona students as much as $42,600 over four years.

Clinton’s plan calls not only for major federal government investments, but also for Arizona universities and colleges to cut costs and for students to cover the remainder of their education expenses by working 10 hours per week.

The claims were based on a calculator released Monday that lets people see how much they can save under her proposals.

Her plan does not only apply to four-year degree programs. Her campaign also said she would like to allow students to attend community colleges at no cost.

Under her plan, students with existing student loan debt would be able to refinance, and Clinton promises a three-month moratorium on payments to allow those in debt to take steps to reduce their monthly payments.

In Arizona, as many as 484,000 borrowers may be eligible for refinancing.

Those deemed “entrepreneurs” will get a three-year deferment on their loans “so that student debt and the lack of family wealth is not a barrier to innovation in our country.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.