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Hundreds of seabirds stranded in southern Arizona after Tropical Storm Newton

(Photo courtesy of Tucson Wildlife Center)

PHOENIX –Hundreds of seabirds have been left stranded in southern Arizona following Tropical Storm Newton, which brought heavy rains to portions of the state last week.

In a Facebook post, the Tucson Wildlife Center said storm petrels, a dark-colored bird about the size and shape of a small swallow, have been spotted in the desert. The strong winds from the former hurricane swept up hundreds of the seabirds, leaving them in a possibly fatal environment.

Anyone who finds a storm petrel or any other seabird is advised to put it in a cardboard box lined with a soft T-shirt or cloth, and bring it to Tucson Wildlife Center immediately. The bird should not be given food or water under any circumstances.

People should be cautious around the birds. 

For more information on storm petrels, or how to help other injured wildlife, call Tucson Wildlife Center at 520-290-9453 or visit its website.

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