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Documentary shows an airport parking lot employees live in

Some jobs aren’t very lenient when it comes to having a life away from work.

The airline industry is one of those and the New York Times took an inside look at what was once an employee parking lot that’s now a motor-home park and home for dozens of employees.

The film focuses on two main emotions: loneliness and pride. Some of the residents are quick to defend their lifestyle, claiming they enjoy it for the most part and it’s not at all a negative situation.

The people in the film also discuss how they can avoid being lonely despite how isolated they are from the world, and are shown with obscure hobbies such as flying planes virtually and playing an organ.

One man gives a tour of his neighbors and says he does have friends around the lot, but points to several different RV’s which are empty because those individuals are out doing their job around different parts of the globe. He does admit his current life is temporary and he is headed towards retirement.

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