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Jimmy Kimmel fools Apple users with ‘first look’ at iPhone 7

Apple unveiled its new iPhone 7 on Wednesday, which of course gave Jimmy Kimmel the perfect opportunity to do some trolling.

Although Apple’s latest creation won’t be officially released until Sept. 16, Kimmel’s crew took to the streets to give iPhone users a first look at the 7, with just one small catch.

Street goers exchanged their current phone for a chance to try out what they thought was a prototype of the new iPhone 7. Supposedly, the prototype came equipped with what the crew called “instant data transfer,” which would allow Apple users to immediately test out the new phone with all their old settings and data automatically installed.

Instead, the crew simply cleaned up the screen, slapped on a new case and handed the same phone right back to the unsuspecting volunteers.

Not knowing they were holding their current phone, Apple users commented on how much lighter the “new” phone was, the clarity of its screen, and even went as far as saying it had a faster internet connection.

The kicker comes near the end of the video, when volunteers jump at the chance to buy their own phone back for the low price of $49.99. The crew eventually lets these poor strangers in on the joke, but not until they’ve been thoroughly embarrassed on national television.

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