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So something went wrong with your contractor — now what?

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You’ve hired a contractor to remodel your kitchen but what if something goes wrong and he or she doesn’t finish the job?

What if the remodeler declares bankruptcy, for example, or the work wasn’t done in the way that the contractor agreed to do it, even though the details were outlined in a contract?

Your first objective, of course, will be to find a new contractor to help with finishing or fixing your home.

But down the line, a lot of what happens depends on how you handled the hiring of that contractor. If the company or contractor was licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, then you have an advocate who can help you out. For two years, you have a window in which to file a complaint with the state against that contractor.

The registrar will investigate and then decide whether you can collect some damages from the contractors’ recovery fund, which is underwritten by fees that are charged to contractors. You can receive as much as $30,000.

But what if you didn’t hire a licensed contractor? Who will pay then?

You can still complain to the registrar, who may decide to investigate and even prosecute a fraudulent contractor. But recovering the money you spent may mean you have to file a lawsuit on your own against the builder or remodeler.

That’s why you always need to check out the licenses of contractors on the Arizona Registrar of Contractors’ Web site – — before you sign a contract.

All you need to investigate is the name of the contractor or the name of his or her business. The site will tell you if that person or company is licensed and bonded. You can also find out whether there are outstanding complaints that have been filed against the contractor and.

You can also call the registrar’s office to check on a contractor.

Being registered means the contractor underwent a criminal background check and has workman’s compensation insurance for any employee who might be injured doing work on your property.

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