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All of the information voters need to know about recreational marijuana in Arizona can now be found in one place

PHOENIX — Now that the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act will be on the ballot in November, Arizona State University researchers released a one-stop-shop of information Tuesday to help Arizona voters understand both sides of Proposition 205.

“We brought this panel together to spend four days studying Prop. 205,” said Andrea Whitsett, associate director for Morrison Institute for Public Policy at ASU.

The 22 diverse panelists from all over Arizona heard from both sides of the proposition.

“They spent all of this time listening to the information provided by the experts and hearing from the campaigns,” Whitsett said.

Then the results of what the panelists learned were compiled into a statement.

“They have put together what they have deemed to be the strongest arguments, both pro and con, as well as important information they think that voters should consider, as they’re making a decision about the measure,” Whitsett said.

The Morrison Institute-hosted project is neither ‘for’ nor ‘against’ the proposition.

“So Morrison Institute does not take a stance on the ballot measure at all,” she said. “And in fact, the citizens are not asked to take a stance on the measure.”

This is really about providing voters with an educational resource that is meant to cut through come of the noise they hear during a typical election cycle, Whitsett said, and point to factual and important information that voters can weigh and consider as part of their own decision making process in November.

You can see all of the presentations or read all information for yourself here, or you can look at the statement from the 22 panelists here.

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