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Man eats spicy noodles, claims he’s going deaf

The internet is filled with videos of people doing stupid things.

It’s all about the reaction, though, and in this video’s case, it paid off.

A YouTube user who posts under the name “Awesome Eats” traveled to Indonesia to try a spicy noodle dish that includes an extremely spicy chili. He claims it’s a plate of “the spiciest noodles in the entire planet Earth.”

We can’t speak for ourselves, but judging by his reaction, he wasn’t wrong.

The man quickly takes off a layer of clothing, giving a strong indication of what’s to come. He begins closing his mouth and eyes in apparent pain and after considering it, he leaves his seat. He proceeds to hold his hands over his head, do strange motions with his tongue, none of which help matters.

He drinks milk out of a straw, and then transitions to double-fisting glasses of milk. It’s not helping either.

Then, oddly, he claims he’s deaf and he can’t hear anything. He puts his head under the sink and drenches his head, his last effort to help cool himself down.

Let this be a lesson: don’t eat the spiciest particular brand of food and expect a positive experience to come from it.