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John McCain ad hails senator as protector if Hillary Clinton wins election

Republican Sen. John McCain doesn’t mention GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in his new ad.

The ad instead plays to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 presidential election. In the 4:50-minute video, McCain speaks on his candidacy for the Arizona senate seat and says he will act in defense of what could come if Clinton wins the upcoming election.

“My opponent, Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, is a good person. But if Hillary Clinton is elected president, Arizona will need a Senator who will act as a check — not a rubber stamp,” McCain says.

“Ann Kirkpatrick won’t oppose higher taxes. She won’t oppose more federal spending. And she won’t oppose increased debts that slow economic growth. She won’t offer alternatives that trust in the innovation and industry of the American people and create jobs with a future. I will.”

Kirkpatrick has attacked McCain’s age to question his viability should he win another term as senator.

McCain has avoided disavowing Trump despite the latter’s critical comments on the senator’s time as a prisoner of war. But McCain avoids putting his name behind either Trump or Clinton in this latest ad.

“No matter which side of the presidential election you’re on, whether you’re satisfied or dissatisfied with your choices for president, this election is an important one. Hugely consequential issues are at stake,” McCain says.

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