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Phoenix-area city offering rebates to homeowners who remove pool, spa

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

PHOENIX — A swimming pool seems like a gift to those who live through a Phoenix summer.

But as anyone who owns one will tell you, they can be expensive and require a lot of upkeep.

To those homeowners, a Scottsdale rebate program to remove backyard pools or spas may come as the best gift of the year.

“The rebate is for 50 cents per square foot of surface area of the pool or spa that is removed,” Nicole Sherbert with the city of Scottsdale’s Water Department said Friday.

Sherbert said homeowners can receive as much as $1,500 from the city for removing their pool or spa.

She said it is the first rebate of its kind offered in Arizona.

“We have the most rebates for both single-family homes and businesses of any city in the Valley and we’re just always looking for ways that we can help people to be more innovative and more conscientious when it comes to water use,” she said.

There are several requirements to qualify for the rebate. To learn more, head to Scottsdale’s rebate website.

KTAR’s Jeremy Foster contributed to this report.

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