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September’s Rosie-do list: Get your veggies, trees and yard ready for fall

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For September, your ‘Rosie-do’ list is focused on five outdoor vegetation areas.

Get your veggies growing

Temperatures are dropping, and it’s time for major planting to begin, particularly if you’re planning a vegetable garden. The rest of the world may be thinking about autumn and winter, but our best months are ahead of us.

Drop by a nursery and investigate the possibilities: Endive, lettuces, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, parsley, parsnips, chard and collard greens.

Great time to fertilize trees

Labor Day weekend is one of three times of year we urge homeowners to fertilize their citrus to ensure a juicy crop of lemons, limes, oranges and the rest. The other key dates are Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day.

Use granular fertilizers applied for slow release. If there’s rain in the forecast, try timing your application just before the storm and let nature help you out. Other trees could also use some fertilizing at this time of year.

If you feed trees in the fall, they’ll grow better in the spring.

Should you prune or not?

You can trim eucalyptus and mesquites now, of course, but don’t prune your citrus or you might set off a growth spurt that could freeze later in the year. Actually, you hardly ever need to prune your citrus.

Get ready to overseed your lawn

Mature Bermuda grass lawns can be overseeded between late September and mid-November when temperatures at night drop below 60 degrees. It’s best to stop fertilizing and slow down on watering for a few weeks before you overseed.

Stop mowing one week before overseeding and then mow on the last day down to about a half-inch high. Remove the clippings and begin the overseeding. Follow directions on the seed package after that.

Snowbird prep

This is the perfect time to put in new trees and plants. It’s also the perfect time to get going on any remodeling projects so they’re done in time for the holidays.

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