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He Said: You’re missing out if you haven’t been to Morning Squeeze

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Old Town Scottsdale has never been lacking restaurants for breakfast and lunch, but if you haven’t tried Morning Squeeze, you are missing out.

With a completely chill ambiance, it is the perfect way to start a slow morning or what you know will become a stressful day. With a little bit retro and a little bit of a resort pool bar feel, you can’t help but just not care about a thing at all.

Lots of outdoor seating and big open windows give every seat a good view. You’ll find girls in their lululemon attire coming back from a workout while the guys are in tank tops and shorts and sandals. No matter what you’re wearing, you’ll fit right in.

With beautiful weather coming soon, there are lots of options for seating but if you plan to sit inside while the heat is still lingering, there could be a small wait. On our Sunday outing, it was just 15 minutes and we ended up with a huge booth in the back with a full view of everyone. It was perfect for a morning of people watching and eggs.

It is possible that all those athletic-wearing customers are there because the menu offers so many healthy meals. Some dishes called Cross Fit or Farm Out Omelet just scream healthy!

However, you can have whatever you want at the Morning Squeeze, including the traditional Eggs Benedict or go sugar crazy with a Crème Brulee Pancake.

My brunch partner did just that by trying the Farm Out Omelet. Egg whites and veggies make for one great start to the morning and — when they include shaved kale, roasted tomato, feta, and pine nuts — you know you’re nicely fueled to start the day.

I was less into the healthy and more into the tasty tacos and bacon bloody Mary this Sunday morning but, either way, you win!

I dined on a more Tex-Mex favorite of breakfast tacos. This three-taco plate comes with your choice of meat along with scrambled eggs, jack cheese and salsa fresco. There was no need for a side with this plate because these are big tacos filled completely with the tasty scramble. It comes with a tasty chipotle salsa and some sour cream.

I left fully satiated with a desire to come back and try one of the healthy options on the menu.

One word of caution: Go with a desire to take a leisurely brunch. I was catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while so I barely noticed but, when our food did arrive, it dawned on me how long it took. It may have been due to it being a busy Sunday morning or because they were just backed up because I have not heard this as an issue from others who have visited.

Either way, the food was worth it and good company never hurts to make a dining experience a memorable one.

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