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Up close, too personal: Dolphin at SeaWorld snatches iPad out of woman’s hands

(AP Photo)

In what can be regarded as either cute and funny or an aggressive anti-technology statement from the animal kingdom, a dolphin at SeaWorld in Florida boldy yanked an iPad from the hands of a woman trying to take its picture.

After snatching the device from the woman, who was standing right against the open viewing tank, the dolphin dropped it in the water.

The woman screamed, some in the crowd gasped (and laughed) a guy took video and surprisingly, the dolphin did not cackle.

Before the dolphin could check the woman’s browsing history or destroy the photo or video she took, the woman was able to retrieve the iPad. She did not stick around.

What is Apple’s policy on products that have been attacked by dolphins? Imagine the insurance paperwork: Water damage, swiped by dolphin and flung into a tank.

Maybe the dolphin was just having fun. Or maybe, as they say in Hollywood, that wasn’t its good side for photos.

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