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Science is cool: Woman defies gravity at the Hoover Dam

Visiting and touring the Hoover Dam in Nevada can be an eye-opening experience.

What you do while you are at the Hoover Dam can give you and the family a fun experience too.

No, you shouldn’t be like Chevy Chase on “Vegas Vacation” and find yourself lost on the tour, putting chewing gum on rocks and suddenly swinging above the dam itself.

But if you try a simple science experiment the next time you’re at the Hoover Dam, you can basically defy gravity.

One woman tried to pour water into the dam and found that instead of the water running towards the earth that we are all accustomed too, the water instead started pouring the other way towards the sky.

The water does that because the updraft from the dam is so big that it will push the water away. Science is cool.

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