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Fourth of July special: Ernest McFarland and the GI Bill

In this Aug. 14, 1945, picture, a sailor and a nurse kiss while Gloria Bullard watches at far left, beneath the W of a Walgreens Drugs sign. (Victor Jorgenson, U.S. Navy via AP)

Ernest McFarland was one of the most significant figures in Arizona history.

He served as governor, U.S. Senate majority leader and chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. His most enduring legacy, however, is likely his role as the father of the post-World War II G.I. Bill, credited by many as the driving force behind the post-war economic boom and a half-century of American technological dominance.

Our guests are historian Vincent Murray and John Lewis, who is McFarland’s grandson. We explore both public and private aspects of this most amazing public service career.