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She Said: Scottsdale’s Hash Kitchen perfect place to start the weekend

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Located in the Shops at Gainey Village, the Hash Kitchen brings a much-needed brunch restaurant to the area.

I came across a picture of Hash Kitchen’s famous Bloody Mary buffet on Instagram and was intrigued. After thumbing through more alluring snapshots, I knew I HAD to go for a visit.

Open only for breakfast and lunch, the Hash Kitchen has become a hotspot for weekend brunchers. The menu is fairly big and has a nice variety of dishes ranging from salty to savory to sweet.

On this foggy-headed Saturday morning, I had a hard time narrowing down a choice. The waiter picked up on my lack of decision making skills and suggested the Huevous Rancheros Hash. Done.

Now that breakfast was ordered, it was time to go explore the Bloody Mary buffet! A semi-circle bar of bright colors sit in the heart of the restaurant. Jars full of countless treasures seem overwhelming –asparagus, eggs, pickles, bacon, tomato and mozzarella sticks, mushrooms, baby corn, you can even choose to slap a Slim Jim into your drink.

Numerous tables were filled with custom outrageous creations. It literally was a Bloody Mary lover’s dream come true.

As I made my way back to the table, with my overflowing glass, I saw the waiter arriving with my Huevous Rancheros Hash. Wow, this was a mound — yes, a mound — of food.

A cast-iron skillet of hash potatoes, steak and of course the huevous rancheros: tortilla, eggs, tomato-chili sauce, refried beans and avocado sauce topped with fried onions.

It had a slight kick, but I bumped my spice level up by adding some dabs of Cholula on top. Loaded with “south of the border” flavors, this hearty dish filled me right up.

Paired with my creative Bloody Mary, I must say I was feeling pretty good as I left the restaurant. The Hash Kitchen will definitely get your Saturday kicked off in the right direction.

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