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July’s Rosie-do list will help you fight bugs brought on by the monsoon

LISTEN: July's Rosie-do list will help you fight bugs brought on by the monsoon

The first half of the year screamed by and now we’re face-to-face with July – and my monthly to-do list. This month’s Rosie-do list contains a list of seven items to focus on in and around your home:

Get ready to celebrate the holiday

Buy a flag with a holder and display it on the front of your house. Plan a big barbecue and invite the neighbors. Also, make sure you follow these guidelines to display your American flag.

Prevent leaks in your house during monsoon storms

While the weather is still dry, call a roofer and have him inspect your roof. You may be able to repair weak areas before the big, bad monsoons arrive. It’s good to develop a relationship with a reputable roofer in case of future problems.

Avoid repair scams after a big monsoon storm

Fake tradespeople, posing as contractors, can be Arizona residents or they can be drifters just passing through the state. Many of them go door-to-door offering a great deal on a roofing job because they have a lot of leftover material from another project they just did. They want big deposits, but they never complete the jobs they start.

Click to learn more about “storm chasers.”

Declare war on scorpions

Scorpions can be everywhere in July, so clean up the yard. Scorpions hang out in stacks of old clay pots as well as piles of firewood or boards, leaves and branches and piles of rocks. They also hide among dried-out palm tree fronds, so clean out those outdoor nests.

Always wear tough leather gloves for the job. Cut back tree branches and heavy brush hanging around your house. Scorpions could use plant material to get into your walls or onto the roof.

Be alert to the threat of mosquitoes

Several serious diseases for humans can spread via mosquitoes so eliminate anything that would attract these pests. Fill in low spots in your yard and drain buckets and other containers that might collect water. Repair water leaks, sprinkler systems or other devices that lead to ponding of water.

When it’s too to go hot outside, do some inside housekeeping

Wash windows — but indoors only — clean closets, kitchen drawers, top of ceiling fan blades and under and behind the refrigerator, washer and dryer.

It’s the season when old air conditioners are likely to shut down

Be prepared for the possible crisis with phone numbers of A/C contractors that you trust. If your air-conditioner does break down and you need a new one, be wary of sales people who recommend increasing the “tonnage” or cooling power of your next air conditioner.

Your contractor needs to do a heat-load calculation before deciding what size air-conditioner you need. In many cases, a new A/C should be smaller than your old one because today’s units are a lot more energy efficient.

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