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Man repairs stranger’s car, and her day

We all have our own problems to deal with, jobs to do and places to go.

But sometimes, we’re reminded just how good it feels to help out a complete stranger.

Generous man and frequent YouTube poster Uncle Mullet helps us remember so much in his 13-minute video “HOW TO REPAIR SOMEONES DAY!”

Uncle Mullet first comes upon a woman in a broken-down minivan, then sets off on an adventure to help her replace the vehicle’s broken belt in its engine compartment. But he needs help and finds it in many forms and from a series of different people.

“Amazingly, I never needed one tool for this repair, but count how many people came together to help turn this sweet woman’s day around for the good!” Uncle Mullet writes on YouTube. “We are each other angels! A man who did not have his wallet, later ended up helping another man who did not have his wallet! Wow Universe!-Now you’re just showing off! Thank you! I am SO Grateful to be a part of these everyday miracles.”

Uncle Mullet’s other YouTube titles include “WHY DID THIS COP PULL ME OVER?!” and “HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH SPIDERS!”

The diversity of his videos have garnered a lot of attention — he’s got north of 24,000 subscribers — but it’s probable that showing viewers how to display kindness in an everyday situation is his best video yet.

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