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Local news crew has movie-like encounter with fire

Sometimes, the footage isn’t worth it, and this local news crew almost learned that the hard way in Los Angeles.

KTLA, a CW-affiliated television station in Los Angeles, had a crew dangerously close to the Erskine fire.

The fire has burned more than 19,000 acres.

What were the last remaining shots from another video source quickly turned into a rush to get out of the area as the fire continued to grow and approach them.

One of the crew members joked that this was a video they do not plan on showing their wife, as it’s clear how close the flames are.

As they drive off, it’s apparent how much the fire has moved since the first shot. One crew member coughs and another says there is pain as they drive dangerously close to a fire, a shot that looks straight out of a big-budget movie set.

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