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Buzzfeed confronts Trump campaign in Phoenix about why they’ve been blacklisted

At presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday in Phoenix, Buzzfeed filmed a confrontation with Trump’s campaign staff.

In the video they ask why the outlet had been blacklisted from covering events since the beginning of the campaign.

They never get an answer from the staff member they are seen speaking to, who truthfully probably didn’t know enough about the issue to answer either way.

Coincidentally though, Buzzfeed, along with other blacklisted outlets such as Gawker, were allowed days later into a Trump event in Manhattan after they found and spoke to Trump’s press secretary, Hope Hicks.

There has been speculation that the change in treatment of the press could have something to do with the recent ousting of Corey Lewandowski as campaign manager.

At least one news outlet believes they were blacklisted specifically for their coverage of Lewandowski and his “temperament” and many more were denied credentials by him after stories or editorials that were unfavorable of Trump.

According to the New York Times the list of blacklisted outlets has included: The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Univision, The New Hampshire Union Leader, The Des Moines Register, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Fusion, BuzzFeed News and Gawker.

Although Buzzfeed and others were let into the event in New York, Politico said that they and the Washington Post were still turned away.

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