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Video shot by firefighter shows Cedar Fire in Arizona being fought

PHOENIX — Everyone in Arizona is familiar with the wildfires that plague the state in the hot summers, but are they familiar with how exactly they’re stopped?

A smokejumper, a special kind of firefighter who helps put out wildfires after parachuting into them from a helicopter, has created a video showing what happens in the air and down on the ground when a wildfire is being contained.

The Cedar Fire, which has burned 67 square miles as of Thursday, is the subject of Mark Pieper’s educational video.

The video shows special planes and helicopters dumping flame retardants on the burning forest to help create the fire line that firefighters use to stop the spread of a wildfire.

The video also shows the firefighters on the ground, cutting down and clearing trees to create the fire line and performing burnout operations to use up the fire’s fuel before it hits the fire line.

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