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So a bulldog walks up to a pond and is now best friends with a fish

Daisy, a French bulldog from Washington state, has formed a unique relationship with another animal in her and her owner’s home.

Although Daisy does live with two other bulldogs, Daisy’s owner, Carrie Bredy, told Buzzfeed that this budding romance is not with one of the other dogs.

The connection has instead formed between her and Frank, a chagoi koi carp, introduced into Bredy’s koi pond because of his breed’s friendly reputation.

It appears that friendliness can even extend out of the water.

Whenever Daisy approaches the pond, Frank immediately swims over to her and the two exchange what can only be described as kisses.

Bredy told Buzzfeed that Daisy is the only one of the dogs that shows interest in the pond and that Frank is the only koi that shows that level of interest in her.

It might just be true love.

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