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Thrillist picks Paradise Valley Burger’s milkshake as best in Arizona

(Yelp photo)

With the temperatures continuing to climb this summer in Arizona, there are few better things to have than an ice cold milkshake.

Thrillist has the spot for you in every state, and in the Valley, it’s at Paradise Valley Burger Company.

Its Lucky Charms marshmallow shake is the winner.

Home of the Brulee Burger, Paradise Valley Burger Company is a must-try in Phoenix. This restaurant believes in high quality and unique foods and their menu is a testament to their motto. Their Lucky Charms marshmallow shake takes the best parts of cereal and incorporates them into one unforgettable treat. It turns out the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is actually just Paradise Valley Burger Company. While you’re there, try out these other must-eat foods in Phoenix.

If you are on vacation or have one planned, Thrillist has got you covered. Some picks include the wild blackberry shake at the American Eatery in Colorado or the date shake from Hadley Fruit Orchards in California.

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