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Eyes On Parenting: Some kids had no dad to celebrate for Fathers Day

A day after many celebrated their fathers, or were celebrated as fathers, 24 million kids in the U.S. still live without their dad at home.

That’s one-in-three according to the US Census Bureau.

“These children are growing up in these homes which in turn leads to lack, which in turn leads to disconnect,” said Tara Laurie, founder of the Chandler-based Youth World Education Project (YWEP). “And moms are left to struggle and try and maintain by themselves.”

Laurie’s foundation offers an array of classes just for fathers.

“It’s a place where men can form a brotherhood, where men can be men, and help each other,” she said. “Because men, unlike women, don’t really have a true support system.”

There are classes on how to co-parent, men’s health, the role of a father and more.

Find a schedule and locations of classes for fathers, and parents in general here.

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