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Gun owners have nothing to fear from study on violence as national crisis

Joe McGrew, of Lake Ariel, Pa., inspects his new Saiga AK-47 style rifle as Rich Johnson, left, owner of Big Rich American Sports Shop processes his background check in Scranton, Pa., Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. McGraw purchased two of the Russian made AK-47 style rifles in two different calibers. (Jake Danna Stevens/The Times & Tribune via AP)

Here I go again. The crazy gun is going after the American Medical Association for labeling gun violence as a national health crisis.

Nope. Not this time, dear readers.

I have issues with the word “crisis,” but I get what the AMA is doing. It wants government funding to study guns and gun violence by working with the Centers for Disease Control and putting some statistics together.

So my question to all those that are freaking out: What’s the big deal?

Haven’t we, as responsible gun owners, long argued that it’s NOT a gun issue, it’s a, well, fill-in-the-blank issue?

Haven’t we always maintained that a firearm — in the hands of a responsible gun owner — is a safe firearm?

So what in the world are we afraid of? If we are convicted in our beliefs, we should stand strong and know that the study will back exactly what we have been saying for years!

I will gladly offer all of my firearms to participate in the study.

Let them set each of my firearms on a table and wait for them to rise up, find ammunition, load themselves and go shoot someone or something.

Done and done.

It seems clear-cut. Guns are only dangerous when in the hands of … another fill-in-the-blank.

Can you see the study coming up with a different outcome? Right! So calm down, let them study away and realize this most basic of political truths: We are in an election year and there has just been a mass shooting in Orlando.

In their never-ending pursuit of reelection and power retention, each side will propose whatever they think voters want to hear. This includes 14-hour temper tantrums disguised as filibusters on the Senate floor.

Just remember, my gun-loving brethren: In Washington, D.C., there is no political win in a solution. There is only a win in crisis and problems.

As politicians are proposing stripping Second Amendment rights from those that have been placed on watch lists without due process, the National Rifle Association and the American Civil Liberties Union will have to join forces to fight this nonsense.

My money is on that team!

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