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Sharper Point: Extremely hot Father’s Day is perfect excuse to be lazy

In case you have somehow not heard — or just keep telling yourself it’s all a conspiracy — it’s going to be as hot as 120 degrees in Phoenix on Sunday, better known as Father’s Day.

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning that boils (get it?) down to this: Stay inside and avoid the heat. Drink some water. Wait it out.

While this may mean some canceled plans for Father’s Day — golf is SO out — I think it means all us dads have the perfect excuse to sit inside and do our favorite thing: nothing. Sweet, sweet nothing.

By all means, if you’re all about making Sunday special for dear old Dad, do so. Take him to lunch. Make him dinner. Get him a little something.

Just make sure the air conditioning is turned up, he has a cold drink and you’re not blocking the TV.

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