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Google to test new journalism technology at ASU’s Cronkite School

Chief Eric Newton teaches his students with his telepresence robot on April 1, 2016 in the Walter Cronkite Journalism building. (ASU Cronkite School).

PHOENIX — Arizona State University’s journalism school will be the testing ground for new tools and techniques from the Google News Lab.

Students at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication will learn and provide feedback on Google’s approach to immersive storytelling and audience engagement. They will get the chance to use platforms like Google Trends, Google Earth and YouTube to help tell their stories and reach out to readers, listeners and viewers.

“These are all tools that journalists can use to make their journalism better and faster,” said Eric Newton, Innovation Chief at the Cronkite School. “These days, journalists need all the help we can get.”

Newton said traditional media has been economically challenged and the technology used by journalists is always changing.

“We really think that innovation needs to become a key part of journalism education,” Newton said. “This kind of partnership helps us stay current.”

He said it’s important for students to immerse themselves in this new technology as they get ready to start their careers.

“Who knows what [new technologies] are coming,” Newton said. “Since it’s a future that we can’t predict and it’s even hard to imagine, one of the best things we can do is help students be comfortable with change and be able to experiment with new things as they come along.”

Google News Lab staff will be meeting with both faculty and students this summer, working with them on testing and implementing the new technology and platforms.

Cronkite School and Google News Lab from ASU Now on Vimeo.

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