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Doughrito: The breakfast food love child you never knew you needed

(Yelp Photo)

In case you didn’t already have enough carbs in your diet, the doughrito is here to help.

And by help, we mean ruin your carefully designed eating habits.

Served up in a California coffee shop chain called Surfin’ Donuts, the greasy creation takes your choice of doughnut and stuffs it into a flour tortilla along with eggs, cheese and your choice of meat.

#FOODBEASTNEWS: We've found a donut-stuffed breakfast burrito called the #Doughrito! || #foodbeast šŸŽ„ @bookofelie from šŸ“ @surfindonuts_mv

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According to a reporter at Food Beast, who originally discovered the creation, the hybrid is even hangover approved (though he recommends the green salsa rather than the red).

More shots of the #doughrito, the donut + burrito hybrid. #foodbeast #america

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For those who don’t have a Surfin’ Donuts near you, don’t despair. Time magazine pointed out that the doughrito is simple enough for anyone to make at home.

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