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Arizona secretary of state will not be charged by attorney general

(AP Photo/Ryan Van Velzer)

PHOENIX — Despite recent attempts to press charges, the Arizona attorney general’s office says Secretary of State Michele Reagan will not be charged for not issuing a new procedures manual for the November presidential election.

Last week, Chandler attorney Tom Ryan delivered a letter to Attorney General Mark Brnovich claiming that Reagan’s decision to not revise the voter manual was a violation of state law.

In the letter, Ryan wrote that the revision was needed to update certain policies, such as the one which outlawed having someone else collecting and dropping off a ballot.

Chief deputy Michael Bailey responded to Ryan’s letter on Tuesday saying Reagan’s interpretation of the law is “plausible” but does not meet the standard for criminal charges.

A spokesman for Reagan, Matt Roberts, said the secretary of state intends to use the manual issued in 2014 for the upcoming election and re-write the manual in 2017.

Ryan says he disagrees with Brnovich’s decision, but has no plans for further action.