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Navy veteran dresses down anonymous citizen who leaves rude note on her car

(Facebook Photo)

A North Carolina shopper got an unwelcome surprise Monday when she returned to her parked car to find a note rudely pointing out that the space was reserved “for veterans, lady.”

The note continued, “learn to read and have some respect.”

The thing is, Rebecca Hayes knows very well how to read. That was how she knew that the space was dedicated for veterans. Veterans such as herself. Hayes served for eight years in the Navy.

Hayes took to social media with the note, which implied that her status as a “lady” clouded the note writer’s perception of her as a veteran, something she told WBTV that her husband has never encountered when he has parked in the same spot.

Hayes wrote on Facebook:

“I know I parked in one of the Veteran Parking spaces today, it was hot. I had been in and out of my car several times already this afternoon, and I was only going to be a minute. Besides, the parking lot was full, so I just did it. It was the first time, and I won’t do it again. I’m sorry…

I’m sorry that you can’t see my eight years of service in the United Sates Navy. I’m sorry that your narrow misogynistic world view can’t conceive of the fact that there are female Veterans. I’m sorry that I have to explain myself to people like you. Mostly, I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to have this conversation face to face, and that you didn’t have the integrity and intestinal fortitude to identify yourself, qualities the military emphasizes.”

She ends the post asking: “I served, did you?”

Facebook commenters were behind Hayes, and the store, which wasn’t at fault, apologized to her.

Hayes 1, mean conclusion-jumper 0.

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