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Former ‘Parks and Recreation’ actor celebrates Father’s Day rather quietly

Nick Offerman, best known for his role as Ron Swanson on the sitcom “Parks and Recreation”, and the Lagavulin whisky that both he and Swanson love have come together once again to celebrate a holiday.

In the two-minute long video, Offerman chooses to exchange looks rather than small talk with his father as they sit in a boat and fish in celebration of Father’s Day, much in the spirit of the character he played for seven seasons.

This past Christmas, Offerman shared an even longer moment of silence and whiskey in dedication of the holiday, a 45-minute video of himself drinking whiskey by the fire, his take on the traditional Yule log loop.

Offerman uses one of his telepathic comments to his father to mention that he built a bridge on the water, showcasing the woodworking talent that he and his alter ego Swanson share – along with their love for whiskey of course.

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