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There is no potential viral video worth filming that puts your life at risk

A woman uses a camera and a cellphone to record the unveiling of the Shell Concept Car in Beijing, China, Friday, April 22, 2016. Built as proof of energy efficiency that can be achieved with the latest technologies, Shell unveiled the concept car ahead of the bi-annual Beijing Auto Show where the world's top car manufacturers will showcase their own upcoming products. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

This morning, I walked into the newsroom here at KTAR and saw videos playing of what looked like a Wild West shootout at Love Field in Dallas.

Maybe it’s just because I am desensitized to violence on TV, but I wasn’t struck by the fact that an officer and gunman were shooting it out in an airport terminal.

I was struck by the fact that there was instant video feed of this! Not surveillance video from an airport security camera, a personal cell phone video!

Personal cell phone video of an ACTIVE SHOOTING!

What was even more striking was the footage showing other people filming with their cameras and walking even closer to get a better camera angle.

Look, as a responsible gun owner and gun carrier, I have been taught and will continue to preach that the first thing you do when you hear gun fire is to get you and your loved ones to safety. Yes, this means AWAY from the gunfire.

This HAS to be a new form of natural selection. Seriously, the dumbest amongst us walking towards imminent danger to catch video with viral potential.

Please understand that if the video that you are betting your life on goes viral or gets picked up by the news media, your sub 15 minutes of fame will start ticking.

No one will remember you as the guy that got the great footage. They will remember you as the slappy that ran towards gunfire, risking his life for a few more facebook likes.

Congrats, buddy, you’re famous! Keep up the great work and for the sake of your kids, make sure your life insurance is paid up.

Bottom line here people: There is no video that is worth your life, period.

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