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Witness records shooting at Dallas airport, facility shut down

(Wikipedia Photo)

Police shot a man at Dallas’s Love Field in the baggage claim area Friday and a witness posted a video.

Police said the man had been throwing rocks at a vehicle during an argument with a woman. The nature of their relationship was not specified, but authorities classified the fight as a “domestic disturbance.”

Someone recorded the majority of the shooting with a smartphone and another posted video of the terminal being cleared.

Lucinda Fonseca told WFAA-TV that she and her husband were coming out
of the baggage claim area when they saw police approaching the man throwing
rocks and one of the officers drew a gun.

“The man was yelling at the cops, basically saying `shoot me shoot me, I dare
you,’ something to that effect,” Fonseca said.

Gunfire was loud and there was report of a woman being trampled in the rush to escape.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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