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11 parents caught since Ducey’s ‘deadbeat’ parent program began

(AP Photo)

The numbers are in on a controversial state program for so-called deadbeat parents.

The office of Gov. Doug Ducey says 11 parents who are behind on their child support have been caught. They were among 56 photos posted online since January. The photos were on various social media, including Twitter.

Daniel Ruiz, spokesman for the governor’s office, said the feedback has been mostly positive.

“In just two months, we saw one case secure $12,500 for a custodial parent,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz does not have the exact amount collected from the 11 parents so far.

Gov. Ducey announced the initiative during his State of the State address in January.

“If you’re old enough to father a child, then you’re old enough to accept financial responsibility for that child,” Ducey said in his address. “If you don’t want your embarrassing, unlawful and irresponsible behavior going viral, man up and pay up.”

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