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Cinderella Moment: Arizona teen wears mother’s prom dress 25 years later

(Photo by Brande Walker)

PHOENIX — Some things never go out of style: Family, tradition and the perfect little black dress.

According to TODAY, Arizona high school senior, Olivia Parker, was able to wear her mother’s prom dress to her own 25 years after it was originally purchased,

Although Parker had always admired her mother’s dress, it had never fit her just right. The Arizona teen ended up buying a new dress, similar in style to her mother’s, for Desert Mountain High School’s prom last month.

On the day of her prom, Parker went to the dry cleaners to pick up her dress only to find it had been ruined.

“It looked like they had burned it,” Parker told TODAY. “I definitely wasn’t able to wear it and had just given away my backup dress the night before to my best friend, Tiffany.”

In a time-crunch to find a new dress, Parker and her mother, Brande Walker, began searching through their closets.

“My prom dress was the first one [Parker] tried on and it couldn’t have fit better,” Walker told TODAY. “She didn’t even try on any others,” Walker said.

The dress and its history brought something a little extra to the evening. Friends, family and even some of Walker’s high school classmates noted how the dress made the night even more memorable.

“I loved twirling in the dress and thinking about my mom twirling in it at her prom,” Parker said. “It made the night even more special.”

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