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1-man crime spree in Phoenix leaves 2 dead, suspect dead

(KTAR Photo/Jim Cross)

PHOENIX — A one-man crime spree in Phoenix on Sunday night included two shooting deaths, two other shootings, a pair of carjackings, a car chase and a self-inflicted fatal gunshot wound.

Phoenix Police officer James Holmes said Monday investigators hadn’t come up with a motive and that the shooting appeared to be random violence at a Motel 6 near Interstate 17 and Northern Avenue.

The suspect, 28-year-old Daterryn McBride, was hospitalized with a gunshot wound and later died. He had a criminal history.

McBride shot and killed 44-year-old Brian Harris and 44-year-old Robert Sykes around 10:30 p.m. A clerk was also shot and was in critical condition.

McBride fled on foot, but not before shooting two people sitting in a pickup truck in the parking lot.

The two managed to drive to a convenience store at 27th and Northern avenues to alert a police officer. They were treated at the scene.

McBride ran into an apartment complex near 27th and Northern avnues, taking a man hostage and stealing his car while the man’s wife and infant watched. McBride drove down I-17.

Holmes said, “That man got in the car, allowing himself to be kidnapped and wasn’t shot. I can’t imagine the terror he felt.”

The car broke down, McBride abandoned it and carjacked another victim before shooting himself when he crashed that car near 16th Street and University Drive in Phoenix.

Police said McBride got out of the car, ran into a field and shot himself.

KTAR’s Jim Cross contributed to this report.

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