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Diarrhea a dire word for Arizonians to spell

When it comes to the most commonly Googled word to how to spell in Arizona, let’s say it’s a word that’s not a pleasant experience.

According to the latest Google analytics of the top misspelled word for every state, the word “Diarrhea” gave Arizonians the most trouble. But the good news for the Grand Cayon State is the word also gave the people from New Hampshire problems too.

As for our neighbors to the east in New Mexico, the word that gave them the most troubles was — well — neighbor.

In California which is home to the Mohave Desert, Californians had trouble spelling the word desert, while Nevada had troubles with cousin. The people of Utah were puzzled in how to spell leprechaun and Colorado needed Google’s help to spell beautiful.

Meanwhile, many states had troubles spelling pneumonia, cancelled, vacuum and gray.