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Not enough ‘sorry’ for this: Young boy knocks over $15K Lego sculpture

(Facebook Photo)

Knocking over a row of dominoes is fun. The opposite of fun is knocking over and destroying a $15,000 Lego sculpture on public display.

A young boy managed to do just that within an hour of said sculpture going on display at the Lego Expo in Ningbo, China.

The sculpture, of the character Nick the fox from the movie “Zootopia,” took three days and nights for its creator to build out of the small plastic toy blocks and was human-sized once completed.

Mr. Zhao, the artist has been more gracious about the incident than some might have been.

He accepted the parents’ apologies and didn’t ask for compensation. He told the Beijing Youth Daily that “the child did not intend to break it.”

That is impressively forgiving.

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