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Celebrities actually focused on violence on Nation Gun Violence Awareness Day

(Twitter Photo/@KimKardashian)

You social media junkies might have noticed your favorite celebrities posting pics of themselves wearing orange today.

The orange is to bring awareness to Nation Gun Violence Awareness Day, which was Thursday.

This tradition started in Chicago three years ago when a group of teens wanted to remember those that had died from gun violence. They chose orange because it is the color hunters wear to protect themselves from being shot.

So, as the local gun guy here at the radio ranch, I thought I would offer my thoughts.

First, good for those students for starting something that caught on. Let’s face it: No one LIKES gun violence.

Then, I made the assumption that the celebrities would be all, well, celebrities. I thought that they would spout inaccurate stats from the hip and generally just be idiots. With the exception of Spike Lee (what else would we expect from Spike), the celebs stayed focused on gun VIOLENCE and not guns in general.

Good for them!

You see, the issue here is violence. The issue is NOT guns.

I will maintain that my guns have yet to unlock their safe, find their ammunition, load themselves and shoot someone.

We know that it takes a violent person to pull the trigger. Yes, I know the stories about kids gaining access to guns and doing harm. That is gun SAFETY, not gun violence, so let’s stay focused.

It all boils down to one and a half things: Mental health and a society that glorifies gun violence.

President Barack Obama has committed a fair chunk of change to kick start new mental health initiatives. That is a good start. We need to continue to take mental health VERY seriously.

Now the half that glorifies gun violence.

For one, I am really excited about the new “Bourne” movie coming out. This franchise has people capping people in almost every scene.

Glorifying gun violence only gets a half because I can watch these types of movies and separate fiction from reality. It’s an unstable mind that cant.

Which brings us right back to mental health: America’s number one cause of gun violence.

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