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Sharper Point: Maybe the press is being too hard on Donald Trump

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe Donald Trump is right. Maybe the press is being too hard on him.

Trump spoke out against the media again on Tuesday when he was asked about a donation of several million dollars he had promised to charities that benefit veterans.

He said the media “is so dishonest and so unfair” after reporters pushed him for answers.

Now, let me be fair: He has to expect some hard questions. He’s the presumptive Republican nominee and, should he win the White House, some of these questions will be a cakewalk compared to what’s in store.

He also took multiple deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam and criticized Sen. John McCain for being captured.

And yes, for all of you out there, I’ll admit it: The press does lean to the liberal side, but only a slight bit. So there may be a little political motivation there to press him harder.

But that being said, I have noticed that others — Hillary Clinton, anyone? — have had other, significant things allowed to slip by the wayside. No one has really pressed her on the e-mail scandal or the millions in foreign donations her campaign has accepted.

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