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Widow of man killed by Arizona cop creates video game mimicking fatal shooting

(Facebook Photo)

PHOENIX — A woman whose husband died in a police shooting in Mesa has launched a video game that re-creates the circumstances of his death and challenges viewers to try to survive.

Laney Sweet posted the “Daniel Shaver Challenge” on Facebook. Shaver was fatally shot Jan. 18 at a Mesa motel. The officer who shot him, Philip Brailsford, was charged with second-degree murder and subsequently fired.

Sweet’s video prods the social media network’s users to record themselves following the same police instructions given to Shaver and asks, “Will you survive?” She based the audio on transcripts.

Sweet, the mother of two small children, has been relentless in her pursuit learning exactly what happened to her husband. In April, she asked the court to release the police body-camera recording of the shooting.

A police report said that Shaver, who had been drinking and reportedly was armed, had begged not to be shot when confronted by police.

Brailsford ordered Shaver to do nothing but come toward police, then quickly told him not to move. Brailsford said any movement would be perceived as a threat that would they deal with and he may not survive.

Brailsford would go on to instruct Shaver to cross his ankles, kneel and crawl toward authorities.

Among the orders Brailsford shouted:

“Don’t talk, listen.”

“Hands up in the air! You do that again, and we’re shooting you.”

“Do not put your hands down for any reason. If you think you’re going to fall, you’re going to fall on your face. If your hands go into the small of your back or down, we’re going to shoot you. Do you understand me?”

Brailsford said in the report that Shaver made a slight movement toward his waist. That was when Brailsford said he shot, hitting Shaver five times.

The video includes graphic postmortem photos of Shaver’s wounds.

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