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Eight things for homeowners to add to their ‘Rosie-do’ list for May

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May is here, and with it comes another set of recommended monthly maintenance tips we call the “Rosie-do” list.

Theses tips can help your home continue running smoothly and are part of our ongoing effort to be Arizona homeowners’ best friend:

1. Surprise mom on her big day (May 8)

Put in a drip line to water her favorite potted plants.

Plant an unusual cactus or an agave in a colorful pot or buy a pot full of unusual succulents.

Buy a new umbrella for the patio to provide extra shade, or maybe even a shade sail, so mom can have a cooler summer.

Blossoms that can still be planted to add color to your yard – provided that they get lots of TLC – include cockscomb, cosmos, marigolds, vincas and zinnias.

2. Fertilize your citrus trees

This should be the second application of fertilizer for your citrus for the year. Make sure that the trunks of the trees exposed to the sun are either covered with burlap or painted to protect them from sunburn.

3. Prune your trees

Very light pruning now can prevent storm breakage during summer monsoons in July and August, but only if limbs look weak or suspicious.

4. Keep on weeding

And plan next year to use pre-emergent so that you’re not out baking in the hot sun next May.

5. Get your barbecue ready to work hard

If you haven’t cleaned it lately, now’s the time to work on those grills, or even replace them. Check the propane tank to see if it’s nearing empty. If you have a gas line, be sure it’s properly connected to the grill.

6. Change the filter on the intakes for your air conditioning and heating system

This is a job to do every month, of course, but it’s especially important to have a clean filter in warm summer months.

7. Do a little spring cleaning on your refrigerator

Toss out the really old leftovers and the stuff with freezer burn. Clean all shelves and drawers. Vacuum the back of the refrigerator and the condenser coils so the fridge can more easily chill everything in summer. Clean the stove and other appliances as well.

8. Install a flag holder for Memorial Day (May 30)

If you don’t have equipment to fly the flag, you can still display it against a wall or in a window. Attach it to the wall so that the stripes are displayed either horizontally or vertically and so that the blue union square with the stars is positioned at the top, on your left, as you or someone outside your house looks at the flag.

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