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Affordable small home makeover ideas

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Everyone likes home makeover television shows. There is nothing like seeing the surprise in those moments when someone is led into a newly renovated home or space.

Many of us would love to see that look on our mom’s faces for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, doing a full-scale makeover is often beyond our budgets or just isn’t practical. It is possible, however, to do some small makeovers that have a dramatic impact on a smaller, less-costly scale.

Improvements to bathrooms and kitchens generally produce the most bang for the buck and those areas tend to get lots of use, so upgrades are noticed and appreciated.

Here are some possibilities

You can change the look of a bathroom by replacing old, outdated faucets with something new and stylish. You can go minimalist or extravagant, with wall-mounted or traditional options. Don’t forget bathtub faucets and shower heads. Rainfall or massaging shower heads can make your old shower seem more like a luxury spa. And if you’ve never experienced the convenience and versatility of a handheld luxury shower head, you owe it to yourself (or your mom) to give it a try.

In the kitchen, a new faucet can combine function and style. There are pull out models where the sprayer is integrated and barely noticeable. Touchless faucets allow you to turn on the water to wash messy hands without having to touch a handle. That’s a great feature for cooks whose hands are covered with sticky dough.

Apron SinksUpgraded sinks

Replacing kitchen or bathroom countertops can be expensive, but you can often make your kitchen or bathroom workspace look new by changing out a sink that is stained or scratched, or by opting for the improved convenience of stainless or oversized choices.

Apron-front or farmhouse sinks bring charm and vintage appeal to your cooking space reports Better Homes and Gardens.

“Distinguished by their exposed front that drops down to the cabinet below and not stopping at the countertop edge, apron sinks are available in a variety of materials. You can choose cast iron or fireclay for a traditional look or add a bit of drama with stone or copper. Stainless-steel versions bring a modern twist to the traditional sink design and fit well in contemporary kitchens.”

Modern reflections

You can make your mom or wife’s day by swapping out the ordinary rectangular bathroom mirror mounted on the wall. Best of all, it’s often simple and inexpensive. Framed mirrors in varied shapes can change the feel of a room. If you really want to score points, add a magnifying makeup mirror. You can choose from wall-mounted or countertop models. There are even adjustable and lighted options.

Wanderlust (1)Improved hardware

In the bathroom or kitchen, replacing outdated towel bars with decorative hooks eliminates the need for folding and carefully draping towels. You can also freshen an existing kitchen or bathroom space by installing new knobs, pulls, and hinges and cabinets and vanities. You can add lots of style and luxury without a huge expense.

Fix the annoyances

Many times moms and wives are coping with minor problems that make their lives more challenging. It can be something simple, but obnoxious like a slow kitchen drain, a leaky dishwasher, a toilet that doesn’t work or a broken bathroom fan. Or if you’re always running out of hot water, consider a bigger water heater or even a tankless, on-demand model. Resolving some of those annoying issues can make the same old bathroom or kitchen a much nicer space for working and living.

If you can’t do it yourself or don’t have time, call an experienced professional. Many times the cost is less than you might imagine, and the rewards from a grateful spouse or mom will be well worth it.

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