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Diverse interests join for protests at NATO summit

CHICAGO (AP) – Protesters associated with multiple causes are expected to join demonstrations during the NATO summit in Chicago on May 20. Here are some of their concerns:

_ Anti-war coalitions: Believe the United States and the rest of NATO unnecessarily interfere in the affairs of other countries and go to war for less altruistic reasons than establishing democracy and restoring peace.

_ Occupy movement: Opposed the bailout of banks and other large firms and austerity measures imposed by the government, which they say hurt the poor and working class while big corporations reap profits.

_ Unions: Oppose what they see as attempts to undermine workers’ rights to organize, the reduction of wages and policies that inhibit worker safety. Some, including nurses’ unions, support “Robin Hood” tax on banks and other financial institutions.

_ Civil rights/religious: Concerned about wars and violence, as well as cuts to education, social services and other programs that help average people.

_ Environmentalists: Oppose wars they believe are fought for control of oil; support measures to curb global warming.

_ Others endorsing marches: Immigrant and refugee rights groups, anti-death penalty activists, Palestinian rights groups, Socialists, gay rights activists, pro-peace veterans’ groups, nuclear energy opponents.

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