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Heart attack-inducing food is officially part of professional baseball games

This morning, I took a few minutes to watch a video on It was a food challenge between producer Andy Greenberg and reporter Adam Green.

It was a culinary race to the last bite of Chase Field’s newest high calorie treat: the Cheeseburger Dog.

Yes, a Cheeseburger Dog. The seasonal grandchild of the D-Bat Dog and child of the Churro Dog.

We have come a long way from my days at Dodger’s Stadium, where my options have been delightfully limited to nachos, pretzels, Dodger’s Dogs, and my favorite closer: the Chipwich.

It has been a ballpark dietary regimen that I have followed for decades.

So as the old man in the room, I should be shaking my head and saying something like, “Ballparks these days should stick to traditional ballpark food offerings. Why back in my day…”

(You get the idea.)

That would be crazy! I LOVE the fact that ballparks around the nation are in a heart attack-inducing race to the craziest culinary creations.

The race has given birth to the Fried S’mOreo in Texas, the Pulled Pork Parfait in Milwaukee, the Closer Grilled Sammie in Pittsburgh, and the Bigger Better Burger Bloody Mary in Minnesota.

Food adds to the experience of the game, period.

Baseball isn’t the fastest paced of professional sports. A day at the ballpark is an experience full of sights, sounds, tastes, and fun.

I would argue that taste is one of the biggest slices of the baseball experience pie. There is absolutely NO reason that it should be limited by boring tradition.

So go ahead, dish out the $25 for a D-Bat Dog or $10 for the Cheeseburger Dog.

After all, this is America and fun food has now become a part of its pastime!

Dig in!

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