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Tempe teen gives girfriend ‘promposal’ of the year with a trip to Hawaii

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PHOENIX — As proof that “promposals” are getting out of control, a Tempe teenager asked his girlfriend to prom with a trip to Hawaii.

Thomas Maher and Annalise Wilfert have been together since freshman year and have attended eight school dances together. For their ninth dance, Thomas wanted to go big. Very big.

“I knew I wanted to take her on a trip,” Maher, a senior at Marcos de Niza High School told “Giving her only material things wouldn’t fit the way our relationship is. We enjoy doing more than having.”

Maher put up a poll on Twitter asking where he should take her, which got about 1600 votes. The options: California, Hawaii, or Mexico.

“Hawaii won, so my family and I organized a trip to Hawaii in which we invited her to come on. While asking her I also bought her a PINK tank top and water bottle to use in Hawaii. I wanted to go big — we both go big for each other,” said Maher.

The days of “just asking” are long gone — the asker is almost always expected to be creative in how they ask their date.

Pricey promposals are a rising in popularity across the country. A 2015 survey by Visa found that the average teen’s household spends $324 on the extravagant invitations.

Parents who think prom is as simple as renting a tuxedo or buying a fancy dress with matching corsage are in for a rude awakening. The overall estimated cost for prom is topping $1000 (with a third going to the promposal).

Luckily, a cute and well-put pun will do the trick for most teenagers. But for those out there expecting something truly romantic, Thomas Maher surely set the bar high.

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