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Blow the whistle: Parents should not take their childrens’ sporting events too seriously

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This weekend, I witnessed some of the worst parenting that I have seen yet.

I know I’m not a perfect parent by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know there are certain things that we just don’t do in front of our kids — such as acting like complete IDIOTS at our kids’ sporting events!

(My daughter is in a co-ed basketball league, so keep in mind that we are dealing with 10-year-olds here, people…)

We walked into the gym to find the current game coming to an end and the place going absolutely wild.

Maybe a kid hit a game-winner, maybe a kid hit their very first shot.


It was reaction to the opposing team’s coach’s wife — who was being ejected from the building.

Why? For yelling obscenities and flipping off other parents in the stands!

Aaaaand THAT led to other parents yelling not only at other parents, but at the kids and referees as well!

My first thought was turn around and head home. Why would I want my kids seeing this nonsense?

Hurry dad, think of a way to spin this into a teachable moment. I came up with, “Well, kids…people are idiots!”

(I will admit, not my best parenting moment.)

But can you blame me? I froze! I was in shock over what I was seeing.

When that game ended, it was time for my daughter’s team to take the court and things to calm down…right?


The chippy-ness continued. The ejected coaches from the prior game decided to return and keep it all going.

The ref asked for a ball, so our coach tossed him one and the ref couldn’t catch it, so he T’d him up and ejected him from the game — for throwing a basketball at him!

People, this nonsense needs to end — NOW.

I get it, you think that your kid is the second coming of Michael Jordan, but here’s a news flash — he’s not. The sooner that you come to that realization, the sooner you can take a deep breath and calm down.

Here’s a good exercise for all of you that think fighting at your kid’s weekend sporting events is OK: close your eyes and picture your kid acting that way in the stands of a school assembly.

Yes, you look THAT stupid!

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