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Amazon squaring off with Google in Arizona is nothing but good news for us

(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)

So Google Express is coming to the Valley.

What is Google Express? It’s not only a delivery service for retailers like Target and Costco, it’s everything that is right with capitalism and innovation.

On Monday, I wrote a blog about Sport Chalet going out of business because it didn’t keep up with the times.

Google Express is not only an example of keeping up with the times, it’s an example of inventing the times.

I also mentioned in my blog that Amazon was the king of the online shopping game. If that is true, Google just became the prince that is looking to dethrone the king.

Google’s new delivery service has all the markings of an initial move to play in Amazon’s world.

Should Amazon be concerned? Not yet.

Amazon has been innovating at a rapid pace. It has introduced a grocery sales division called Amazon Pantry, a same-day delivery service called Amazon Prime Now and even invested in cargo planes to take full control of it shipping services.

Don’t even get me started on drones.

But Amazon should really start to quiver when Google launches its own product marketplace and store to beef up the Google Shopping offering.

There, Google has the power. Remember, information equals power, and there is no company on this planet with more information about your online shopping habits than Google.

The search giant knows what you buy, when you buy it and when you might need it.

So who wins in this whole situation?

Google? Nope.

Amazon? Nope.

We do!

We now have two giants playing in our backyard and they will compete for our business with more offerings, better prices and better service.

I just can’t wait until my first drone delivery!

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