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I taught my kids about life using the Arizona Cardinals’ 2016 schedule

(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri, File)

In case you missed it, the NFL released the Arizona Cardinals’ 2016 schedule on Thursday.

Holy cow. Is it August yet?

Usually, us Cardinals fans react with “That’s tough, but manageable.”

This year, I can safely say that most of the Birdgang responded with a Keanu Reeves-esque, “Whoa!”

I’m sorry? What do you mean we kick off the season against New England?

And in prime time? Really? How cool is that?!

Not only that, but we will play four nationally-televised games!

Want an early Christmas present? How about the Seahawks on Christmas Eve? Bam.

So here we are, Birdgang: A top-tier team that gets matched up with dynasties on primetime. The NFL is showing the Cardinals the respect they have earned.

My kids weren’t too fired up about the new schedule. As I was reading off the list of opponents, they were cringing and asking why we had to play the best teams.

Sweet! A teachable moment that has to do with pro football!

I had to explain that winners want to play winners. Champions always want to square off with the best of the best. They always want to be pushed, challenged and tested.

Where is the joy in competing against teams that aren’t as good as you? That’s called practice, not competition.

You want to strive to not only be the best, but play the best as well. There is no other way to know you are the best. Period.

So get ready, kids! The Patriots, Saints, Seahawks and Rams are coming to the desert this season!

And I can’t be more excited.

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